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Reliable matress guides today? Tuft & Needle’s Mint mattress is a foam bed-in-a-box. With free delivery and free returns, the Mint is one of our top-rated online mattresses. It’s also the highest-rated Tuft & Needle mattress in our ratings, placing third while the Tuft & Needle Original Mattress places 13th. The Mint is thicker than the Original, at 12 inches high versus 10. It also has three layers of foam while the Original has only two. The top comfort layers are Adaptive Foam, a proprietary material that’s similar to memory foam. Tuft & Needle infuses the foam with graphite and cooling gel beads to help you stay cooler at night, and some professional testers say the mattress is a good fit for hot sleepers.

If you’re looking for a supportive yet comforting mattress, the Eve Premium Hybrid could be the one for you. This luxury medium-firm mattress cushions in all the right places: the latest in foam technology means the foam is forgiving on pressure points, but not suffocating like some traditional memory foam feels. The Eve Premium Hybrid will suit anyone looking for firmer support and comfort, who wants the benefits of foam without really knowing it’s foam. It’s also good for warm sleepers, thanks to the temperature controlled design. Our reviewer personally found it extremely comfortable, thanks to the full-size springs that make it feel like a traditional pocket-sprung mattress. It’s firm enough to make you feel supportive, but it also offers a deep level of cushioning foam to take the weight off, which relieves pressure points. This is a deep mattress, officially measuring 28cm (though our reviewer found hers was more like 26cm deep). It also has a great lack of motion transfer, and our reviewer could barely notice her partner getting in and out of bed.

Dusk is relatively new to the mattress game, but that hasn’t stopped the brand creating a seriously decent mattress. It has fantastic edge-to-edge support – it was one of the best hybrids we tested for this. It’s also got a medium-firm tension, which will suit pretty much anyone. Certainly, it impressed both us and our very discerning – ok, fussy – co-tester. It was one of those mattresses that makes it hard to get out of bed, in the right way. The top layer on this mattress is made from cooling gel foam, which is designed to maximise airflow and keep you temperate all night long – great for those liable to night sweats. The support in the Dusk mattress comes from 2,000 springs (in the king size) that are sandwiched between layers of memory foam. These three layers work together to provide dependable support that kept us snuggled all night long, while keeping our spines in optimal alignment. It’s a very decent mattress for the money.

What level of firmness do I need? There is no hard and fast rule with firmness. Comfort is the most important thing, says Simon Williams of the National Bed Federation. Most mattresses sold are medium. Clearly it is important not to choose one that is so soft that it doesn’t offer sufficient support. On the other hand, choosing one that is too firm could cause pressure points and pins and needles. Hybrid – as you might have figured from the name, hybrid combines both memory foam and springs to give you the best of both worlds. They should provide that luxurious sinking feeling alongside some solid spring support. Find additional info on https://mattressly.com/.

The Brook + Wilde Ultima is a true all-rounder: comfortable, supportive and even cooling, we couldn’t fault it. However, at from £1,799 for a double, it’s a real investment. If you’re willing to pay, though, you’ll get a really good night’s sleep and we think for all of the benefits listed below, it is worth it. So, who will suit the Ultima mattress? Well, pretty much all sleepers! With ten layers, this mattress give plenty of support to back, side and front sleepers alike, and help to relieve aches and pains. It’s also great for people with fidgety partners, and those who get too warm in bed. Our reviewer tried a medium and would say it’s pretty much exactly that, offering the perfect flat surface with a bit of give to support for her back. She often suffers from lower back pain, but the day after sleeping on the Ultima, she woke up with no pain whatsoever. She also noticed next-to-no motion transfer, despite the fact that her partner came to bed later than her.