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Reliable solicitor firm London 2022? Kush Birdi is the Founder of Birdi & Co Solicitors. He has a breadth of experience in a range of practice areas, and recently decided to pursue his long-standing intention by setting up the firm. Kush has built strong client and referral relationships over a number of years and is well known for his first-class service, personable character and commercially-minded approach. See additional information on solicitor London. We put our clients at the centre of our thinking. It is our mission to create an effortless experience and, in return, we hope to create clients for life.

We are experts in a range of mergers and acquisitions transactions, including share sales and purchases, asset sales and purchases, demergers, fundraising and management buy-outs and buy-ins. We generally deal with transaction values of between £100,000 – £10 million. Whether you have made the decision to retire and sell your business after many decades or are a start-up or an established business looking to make your first or a series of acquisitions, we offer specialist advice and representation which is tailored to your particular objectives.

The main purpose of a demerger is to segregate the different activities of a single company by transferring the distinct business into separate companies or group of companies. In certain cases, the demerger results (by design) in a change of control of both, or all, businesses as they will be held by different shareholders after the demerger. A demerger may be pursued for a variety of reasons including the realisation of the full value of each business (i.e., they are individually more valuable as separate businesses than they would be within a single company), or perhaps a decision by the owners to pursuant independent business strategies (possibly in different business sectors). Alternatively, a demerger might proceed as an alternative to a sale. Discover more info at

A key advantage of speaking to a specialist firm of solicitors, such as Birdi & Co Solicitors, is that we understand how fundraising transactions are supposed to be structured and we can offer guidance as to your options and the most effective way to structure your offering. In particular, we are aware of the legal issues that will be considered by your investors which enables us to address any gaps or concerns well in advance of presenting to your investors. The expertise we can bring to your company is invaluable.

There are a lot of reasons to try to avoid litigating in the courts, including: The courts may give you credit (by a costs order against your opponent) for trying to settle the dispute if things do go all the way to a court hearing or trial. You may be penalised by the courts for unreasonably refusing to participate in out-of-court dispute resolution. If you lose your case, you will likely be ordered to pay your opponent’s costs as well as any damages or other award ordered against you. If you win your case, you might be awarded your costs to be paid by your opponent, but you will never make a full recovery of your costs.