Lacrosse sticks best reviews and shopping tips

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Donovan Mitchell’s first signature sneaker is a divisive shoe among shoe critics. Some really like the traction, but others complain that they are slipping a lot – even on clean courts. The Bounce cushioning is responsive and offers a lot of court feel, but impact protection is only decent. Materials feel pretty premium in-hand and on-foot, especially considering the very affordable retail price of only $100. The shoe also provides a lot of support and stability, but this comes at the expense of added bulk and weight.

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These lightweight, durable Under Armour Fireshot men’s basketball shoes are designed with extra flexibility, responsiveness, and “bounce.” Their advanced CompFit® synthetic mesh upper offers an enhanced combination of support and comfort fit for wider feet at an affordable price. UA’s Fireshot basketball shoes have a durable, injection-molded, rubber outsole with spider web pattern that optimizes traction and mobility. The EVA rubber midsole with Micro G® foam increases energy and absorbs impact to prevent injury. UA’s anti-microbial, full-length Ortholite® sock liner seamlessly molds to the shape of your foot. It provides bouncy cushion, complete ankle support and unencumbered movement.

The design of this stick is what makes it truly special. Unlike a few other options in its class, it is made with premium carbon materials. While this doesn’t make it the choice for affordability, it certainly makes it a top choice for lacrosse performance. Shooting and passing is a breeze with the carbon stick. The speed, the shot speed and the general feel of the stick are as good as many young players dream with carbon materials. Based on the Flex 5 technology, the carbon handle aims to improve all these essential areas and the result is a lighter stick which is considerably faster than other similar materials. The grip is textured. With this small design tweak, lacrosse players can enjoy someone of the best performances when it comes to speed and handling. The strength to weight ratio is already balanced and the textured grip only improves the overall performance of the stick.