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Consumer, industrial & commercial coatings made in USA producer: Oil-based polyurethane has a slight amber or yellowish tint and can yellow even more over time, which adds a bit of rich, warm, amber color to the floors if that’s your goal. You’ll find it in high-gloss, semi-gloss, and satin sheens. This finish has a very strong odor and releases a high level of VOCs, so you’ll need to don a respirator to protect your lungs if you plan on finishing the floors yourself. You’ll also need to allow quite a bit more time for the project than with water-based polyurethane and clean up with mineral spirits rather than soap and water. Generally, it takes eight to 10 hours for each coat to dry (two to three coats total is the usual recommendation). After the last, you’ll need to wait at least 48 hours before walking on the floors in shoes and four days to fill the rooms with furniture once more.

Like all of our coatings, our water-based primers are eco-friendly without harmful toxins or fumes. And they may be used with Liquiguard floor coatings, as well as other water-based and solvent-based acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings from other suppliers. Liquiguard primers are also single component solutions designed for quick, safe and easy application. They feature incredibly fast dry times which enable faster applications in mission-critical commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Liquiguard Technologies has the best metal coating solutions designed to protect, maintain and extend the lifespan of a wide range of metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, pewter, cast iron, silver, stainless steel, etc. This unique line of eco-friendly, biodegradable coatings offer solutions to prevent tarnishing, oxidization, flash rust and corrosion, by repelling moisture, too. These water-based coatings are safe and easy to apply without releasing any toxins or fumes. And will maintain the look and feel of your metals without damaging the surfaces. Discover extra information at https://www.liquiguard.com/metal-corrosion-protection.html.

We are focusing on coatings that are bonded directly to the surface and offer long term protection and may or may not have some aesthetic value. The problem for most decision makers today, whether it be architects or facility managers, is to choose the most effective material and application that will result in the best performance and lowest life cycle cost. It is increasingly clear that these individuals must rely on knowledgeable people to assist in proper selection, application, and maintenance of the floor coating. The flooring specialist can guide the owner in proper material, application, and long-term performance, thereby reducing the long-term cost of floor maintenance.

GripCote Ultra is a fantastic product that has been created for application on tightly woven and artistic floor coverings. This includes Indian or Persian area rugs, hallway runners, wool and cotton throw rugs used indoors, on patios or other covered areas. It will greatly reduce, if not eliminate slipping or potential peeling back of all rugs it is applied. It will also prolong the life of the rug, by adding a rubberized non-slip grip coating on the bottom of the rug it is applied. Discover more info at https://www.liquiguard.com/.